Visit by China Life Insurance Asset Management Co., Ltd.

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Singapore, 19 September 2019 - Mr Li Guoan, the Investment Director of China Life Insurance Asset Management Co. Ltd. (the “Asset Management Company”), met with Deputy General Manager, Mr Zhu Lixin of China Life Insurance Singapore, at the company.

At the meeting, Mr Zhu Lixin first gave an overview of Singapore’s life insurance market and financial industry, and later shared the developmental progress of the company since its establishment. Mr Xiong Jian (Investment Department) presented the company's investment management model and performance. This was followed by Ms Zong Ming (General Management Department - Office Administration) who reported the company's brand and marketing communications work.

Mr Li Guoan said that China Life Insurance Singapore has had a smooth start and has seen steady growth, which has contributed to the international expansion of China Life. He expressed that the Asset Management Company will actively support China Life Insurance Singapore’s growth and development. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions to explore future cooperation opportunities.

This meeting was preceded by a visit made by Mr Li Guoan and his team, with Mr Zhu Lixin, to the ICBC Singapore Branch Vice President, Mr Zhou Aimin, to exchange courtesies and strengthen relationships.