China Life Singapore Announced Successful Conclusion of On-Site Kids Art School Holiday Competition

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On 2021 November 23rd, China Life Singapore announced the Kids Art School Holiday Competition with the intention to inspire the children and youth of Singapore to create original artworks based on their imaginations and to promote their artistic talents. As the online competition on WeChat platform received wide attention and enthusiastic reaction from art institutions, parents and children, China Life Singapore specially organized an on-site competition with the guidance and support from experienced art teachers on December 18th, aiming to provide participants with more opportunities to explore and exercise their creativity.




Due to the COVID-19 situation, this Competition was held separately for 3 sessions, and a total of 50 kids participated in the on-site competition with the support from our partner Little Earth Education. The principal of Little Earth Education, Ms. Bi Yujia, together with highly experienced art teachers Vy and Charlene provided participants with thoughtful and professional guidance and encourage them to showcase their artistic talents. All the kids were able to complete their high quality artworks within the two-hour time limit.




The main idea behind this on-site Competition was to encourage children to let their imaginations run free using pencils, coloured pencils, pens, markers and crayons and submit in their colourful contributions. Children who participated in this Competition not only gained wonderful opportunities to explore their creativity, but they also received insightful guidance from professional art teachers to improve and perfect their final works.




During the Competition, the China Life Singapore agency YCO team shared with the parents regarding children's education funds, family wealth planning and other health protection products. After the event, China Life Singapore agency Financial Services Director Chen Yancheng and Financial Services Manager Wang Yue, on behalf of China Life Singapore, presented every participant a gift pack specially designed for them.

While the on-site China Life Kids Art School Holiday Competition drew to a satisfactorily conclusion, it also boosted the popularity of subsequent online competition. China Life Singapore hopes that more children will actively participate in the "China Life Kids Art" brand competition in the near future.