Zhu Lixin

Deputy General Manager


Zhu Lixin is seconded from China Life Insurance (Group) Company to serve as part of the management team in Singapore. He spearheads the strategic relationship management and distribution network with both the Chinese enterprises and Chinese trade bodies as part of the business growth plans to further deepen our cooperation and relations with them. He is also in charge of General Management (Office Administration and Marketing), Bancassurance Distribution and Investment departments, as well as the liaison for Internal Audit.

Lai Hwee Chen

Chief Financial Officer


Lai Hwee Chen is the Chief Financial Officer who heads the Finance department.

David Ting

Chief Risk & Compliance Officer


David Ting leads the Risk & Compliance department as Chief Risk & Compliance Officer of the company. He is also CLIS's appointed liaison officer with the regulatory authorities.

Kevin Cai

Chief Actuary


An actuarial veteran with 19 years of insurance industry experience, Kevin is the Chief Actuary at China Life Insurance Singapore and is approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore as the company’s Appointed Actuary. He oversees Actuarial Valuation, Reinsurance, Capital Management, Product and Pricing.

Kevin is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries of U.S.A, a Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst, as well as a Fellow of the Singapore Actuarial Society. He holds a Master’s degree from the National University of Singapore.