China Life Singapore Agency Department invited Parkway Cancer Centre to share about Cancer Awareness to the Financial Specialist Consultant

On the morning of 21st March, China Life Singapore Agency Department invited Parkway Cancer Centre (PCC) to provide insight on Cancer Awareness to the financial specialist consultant. Dr. Wong Siew Wei, a Senior Consultant, Medical Oncologist at Parkway Cancer Centre was invited to educate the salesforce on the recent cancer trends in Singapore, the types of cancer screening provided and the treatment available should a patient is diagnosed with cancer.

Dr Wong shared on the cancer statistics and cancer trends in Singapore. Based on the statistics shown, cancer is still the biggest killer in Singapore, and the highest incidence and highest death disease globally.

Furthermore, Dr. Wong shared that the treatment is most often effective when the screening detects abnormalities before they are clinically apparent, allowing for intervention either before cancer develops or at an early stage. He also introduced the cancer screening – some funded screening programs in Singapore, for example: breast cancer, Pap smear, and other screening tests that are available. Dr Wong also mentioned there is no best health screening package that is able to fit every individual and we should consult a doctor to access the screening needs based on individual needs and family history.

With the advancement of medical technology, the major advances in diagnosis and treatment of cancer in recent years has changed to provide minimally invasive surgery, ablative treatment, “precision medicine”, immunotherapy and targeted therapy to the cancer patients. Some cancer treatment can also include surgery, radiotherapy, drugs. He shared some concept of personalised medicine and types of drug treatment with focus on lung cancer as example.