China Life Singapore Launched Kids Art School Holiday Competition

China Life Singapore launched Kids Art School Holiday Competition (“China Life School Holiday Competition” or “this Competition”) on 23 November 2021. With the successful conclusion of China Life Singapore First Kids Art Competition from August to October this year, the event drew a warm response from the community and received attention from the art institutions. To meet the demand and create a unique art journey for the kids in Singapore, China Life Singapore specially launched this Competition, which will last until 31 December 2021. Kids between 3 to 16 years old in Singapore are welcome to register for this Competition through China Life Singapore WeChat official account.

This Competition is organised by China Life Singapore, supported by the China Cultural Centre. The creative theme is consisted of two topics: Wonderful Holiday and Infinite Creativity, and we hope that the kids can share their enjoyable holiday with us and inspire more creativity through this Competition. There is no restriction on the format of the masterpieces, soft stroke, hard stroke, ink painting, comprehensive material works are all acceptable. Different from the previous competition, this Competition has set up popularity awards and professional awards, in addition to star institution awards. China Life Singapore encourages and welcomes all art institutions to join us to build a platform for the kids to develop their artistic talents.

China Life Singapore has always adhered to the core corporate vision “Success for you, Success by me” and we are committed to giving back to society through our corporate social responsibility activities to make a positive impact on the community and our customers. In the future, we will continue to organize kids art competitions to enhance their experience and treasure the value of arts, to bring the happiness to every family. We wish to spread the love and hope to Singapore where we are rooted and growing.