China Life Singapore Representatives’ First Live Streaming Event Well Received

On 15 April, China Life Singapore (CLIS) Representative Febe’s team joined MarineAllianceSG in a live streaming event on the topic “The Second Half of my Life, Retire Gracefully.” They engaged over 2700 viewers on their experiences in retirement planning in Singapore in a comprehensible and lively sharing, and received positive reviews.

The Representatives first shared on the high living costs in Singapore faced by people from all walks of life, including the elderly collecting plates in food courts or driving taxis, and the younger generations in their 20s and 30s becoming the breadwinner in their families, facing pressure from inflation and depreciating value of money while having to support their family and fulfill multiple financial obligations in housing and providing for the aged. They also discussed whether savings in CPF Retirement Account is sufficient as the main source of retirement income, and with reference to the characteristics and problems of MarineAllianceSG clients, shared on the advantages of insurance products in providing protection from risks and payment needs, to fill the gaps in retirement income.

Representatives from China Life Singapore will have more opportunities in the future to share with viewers on insurance in MarineAllianceSG live events.