China Life Singapore First Recruitment Seminar
A Great Success
The First China Life Singapore’s Recruiment Seminar in 2021 was a Great Success

On 10 April, 2021, China Life Singapore hosted the first recruitment seminar with great success. The China Life Singapore’s Chief Distribution Officer, Mr. Gao Feng, and Head of Agency Department, Mr. Jerome Png, delivered the speech at the event. Almost 30 financial specialist consultants and interested candidates attended this seminar.

Image: Attendees of the Seminar

Mr. Gao Feng first of all extended a warm welcome and expressed his gratitude to all attendees for their support. He then shared his insights on career decision making and said that young people should have dreams and aspirations, and the courage to step outside of their comfort zone. We should live our lives with purpose and value, and life insurance is precisely a career that can help us find our value. A career in insurance provides us with room for development, fair opportunities, and a lifelong learning journey. It is also the best platform for young entrepreneur because of its clearly-defined profit model and industry practice, as well as low start-up costs compare with other industries. It is also a meaningful and rewarding job, as consultants can help people in a concrete way by offering them the financial protection they need.

Speaking on the competitive advantage of China Life Singapore, he said, China Life Insurance (Group) Company ("China Life") has over 1.5 million consultants who have served more than 700 million clients. Despite impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic, China Life reported double digit year-over-year growth in 2020. China Life Singapore is determined to be the strategic base for China Life’s expansion globally. We are supported by the strong brand influence and established heritage of the Group Company, which allows us to be highly competitive in the South-East-Asian market.

Image: The opening remarks given by Mr. Gao

At the seminar, Mr Png introduced the “Six High Missions” proposed for the Agency Channel: : to form a high-efficient management team; to sell high-value product range; to cultivate a high-quality financial consultants team; to create a high-tech service system; to serve high-value clients; and to achieve high-quality development goals. He also introduced the career path for our consultants, where they would have autonomy over their career progression. With a comprehensive training programme and consolidated success experience from Group Company and China Life (Overseas), we tailor career pathways for each consultant and help them envision for themselves a career blueprint of infinite possibilities. The company also offers allowance schemes to help consultants kick-start their career. He emphasized that China Life Singapore placed the development of the Agency Channel with utmost importance as we aim to build a young and dynamic team. Mr. Png concluded his speech with some valuable personal experiences and insights on sales concept and key to success as a salesperson.

Image: Valuable personal experience shared by Mr. Png

Image: Sharing session with China Life Singapore’s financial specialist consultant